Raising quality TICA-registered Ragdoll kittens in our home. Since 2003.
If not, what do you plan to do if a family member develops an allergy to your new kitten?

Terms and Conditions:  

Please read the statements below and then scroll back up to sign and indicate your agreement to these terms (if you do not agree, we will not accept your deposit and will not place you on our waiting list for one of our babies).  Also, please scroll down and carefully read the “Deposit and Pricing” section below before indicating your agreement.

Statement:  “I am or will be placing a deposit of $300 per pet kitten and applying to reserve one or more RoyalDolls Ragdoll kittens.  I understand that my deposit is NOT refundable except in extreme circumstances and at the sole discretion of the breeder.  If my application is approved, I understand that I will be placed on a waiting list for available kittens, which will operate in a first come, first choice basis based upon the date of deposit.  I may choose to wait for a future litter if I am interested in a particular color/pattern/gender which is not currently available. My deposit will be applied toward the purchase price, and my remaining balance will be due when I pick up my kitten.”

Deposit and Pricing (Prices do NOT include shipping):

Deposit information:  We require a $300 deposit per kitten, in order to add you to our waiting list, or to reserve a specific RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten for you.  Your deposit will be applied toward the total price of your kitten.  You may also make a larger deposit or make payments ahead of time for your convenience….the remainder will be due when your kitten is picked up.  When you choose your kitten, we will also ask you to read and agree to the terms of our kitten contract and health guarantee.  We do reserve the right to refund your deposit and remove you from our waiting list or cancel your reservation at any point if we feel that our kittens would not be a good match for you and your family.
**Please note:  Your deposit is NOT otherwise refundable.


Pricing:  Our pricing includes our veterinarian’s examination, our health guarantee by contract, all immunizations for the first year with the exception of rabies, and worming if needed. In addition, all pet-quality kittens will leave our cattery already spayed or neutered– our purchase price includes the cost of the spay or neuter surgery with state-of-the-art anesthetic and surgical protocols.  Beautiful and Huggable RoyalDolls Ragdoll kittens (Pet Quality~may not be “perfectly” marked for show), are priced at $1850 (including Seal and Blue point, including Mitteds, Bicolors, and Lynx Ragdolls).  Rarely, we have older kittens or retired breeders which are offered at a discount,   We offer a $150 multiple-kitten discount (on each kitten after the first) if you purchase more than one kitten.  Of course, all of our Ragdoll kittens are registered with The International Cat Association, and you will also receive your kitten’s blue slip (“registration paper”) which is included in your purchase price.  Prices do not include delivery, but delivery is available at additional cost.  


Additional conditions:

  • Our kittens are all exposed to scratching posts and scratching pads before they leave our home…however they are babies and you understand that they will need to have continued training in your home (plus appropriate scratching posts/pads provided for them).
  •  Most kittens and cats will faithfully use a litterbox without any problems for their entire lives.  No kitten will leave here until he is fully litter-trained….ALL of our kittens use the litterbox with 100% consistency before they go to their new homes.  However, on rare occasions there are issues which will cause a kitten or cat to have “accidents” outside of the litterbox later on… Medical problems like a UTI, for example; a litterbox which is not kept clean to “cat standards”, a change of litter, or stresses in the household.  By signing and submitting the form above, you agree that you understand litterbox issues (although rare) are a possibility, and you agree that you are willing to seek help and diligently work to help your kitty overcome those issues if they ever occur.  
  • You agree that if at any point you have unforeseen circumstances and cannot keep your RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten/cat, the breeder will be contacted and have the opportunity to assist you in re-homing your Ragdoll. 

Now that you have carefully read all the terms and conditions above, please scroll back up to the form above and indicate your agreement by typing your name, then click “Submit” to send the adoption application to us.  If you do not receive a “Thank you” message, your application was not submitted.  If you experience any difficulties, please click here to email Laurie.  You may place your deposit(s) using the PayPal button below, or text Laurie at 918-917-9799 if you prefer Cash app. 

RoyalDolls Kitten Deposit: