Raising quality TICA-registered Ragdoll kittens in our home. Since 2003.

The goal of our breeding program at RoyalDolls   is first and foremost to raise large, robustly healthy kittens with the “melt-in-your-arms” lovable ragdoll temperament for which the ragdoll breed is known and loved.  Ragdoll-breed kittens who are raised in a cage, sadly, may never develop that wonderful temperament.  RoyalDolls Ragdoll kittens are raised in our home, carried around and snuggled from the time their eyes are beginning to open.  We want each one to be a loving and social “lap-kitten” or “puppy-cat”!  Of course, our Ragdolls will conform to the breed standard, with wonderful pointed colors and patterns in seal, blue, and sometimes lynx!  Breathtaking crystal-blue eyes and and an exquisitely dense and soft, better-than-a bunny coat round out the ideal RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten.   Our kittens are registered with TICA– The International Cat Association. 

General Ragdoll Kitten Information:
Ragdolls are a slow-to-mature breed (they may not reach full coat and size for 2-3 years), so you can expect that  RoyalDolls kittens will usually be weaned and ready to go to their new homes around 12 weeks of age.  By the time your RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten goes home with you, he will have been examined and have a health certificate signed by our veterinarian, he will have received ALL vaccinations necessary for the first year (with the exception of rabies), and will have been wormed if necessary.   Your pet Ragdoll will also have been spayed or neutered by our capable vet, using the state-of-the art juvenile neutering techniques recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.  This practice saves you the  inconvenience of arranging spay/neuter surgery at a later date, eliminates the possibility that your kitten will begin territorial urine-spraying before he is neutered, and is actually as safe or safer than later surgery, with faster recovery. 

RoyalDolls Ragdoll Cattery is a FIV/FELV-free cattery…all our adults have been tested and are certified negative for both, which means that all our kittens will leave here guaranteed free of FIV and FELV.  We are a “closed” cattery in that we do not bring in other cats for breeding, because we want to avoid the possibility of exposing our Ragdolls to disease.  All RoyalDolls kittens come with a written one-year health guarantee against pre-existing or genetic  ailments, or FIP, and a FIVE year replacement guarantee for HCM, a rare heart disease, when confirmed by a certified veterinary cardiologist.  All of our cats have been tested for the only gene known to cause HCM in Ragdolls, prior to breeding.  When your kitten goes home, we will send you home with written recommendations for diet, health examinations, immunizations, and other factors which will help your kitten to be as healthy as possible.  We will also continue to be available for questions after you and your new Ragdoll kitten arrive home!

Declaw Policy:

We strongly discourage declawing your kitten; as this may change its personality and cause your Ragdoll to become less loving, shy, or even aggressive.    Our kittens have been introduced to both a scratching post and a scratching pad; please provide them for your new kitten and patiently remove him/her to the appropriate scratching place if he scratches in an inappropriate area.  Please keep your Ragdoll’s claws clipped (just the tip) during the training period so that they are blunt…this is very easily done and we will be happy to tell you or show you how.  A spray bottle of water is also a humane but effective deterrent if your kitten scratches inappropriately.   Ragdoll cats are highly intelligent, and it usually takes very little time  for them to become accustomed to scratching  only in appropriate places.      You are welcome to contact us for more information if you have questions about the declaw process and why we believe that it is both unnecessary and harmful.  You may also click the “Save a Paw” link below for more information about declawing…

Waiting List and Deposit Information: 
  When necessary, we use a waiting list in order to be fair to all our clients.  We ask that you read this page carefully first, and then… 

Click here to Contact Us by email (or call/text Laurie at 918-917-9799)  if you have other questions which are not answered here.  Once you decide that you would like one or more of our Ragdoll babies for your very own, Contact Us to ask for a Kitten Adoption Application, or click here to fill out the form on our Adoption Application page.  When we receive and approve your Application, we will require a $400 deposit  in order to add you to our waiting list, or to reserve a specific kitten for you if one is available for reservation at that time.  Of course your deposit will be applied toward the final purchase price of your kitten.  **Please note:  Deposits are NOT refundable.   We do reserve the right to refund your deposit and remove you from our waiting list or cancel your reservation, if at any time we feel that our kittens would not be a good match for you and your family.  

 When you have officially been added to our RoyalDolls Ragdoll waiting list, we will keep you updated as litters of babies are born.  When litters are around 6-8 weeks of age, kitten choices will be made by our waiting list clients on a first come, first choice basis, based upon the date of deposit. Choices may be made through personal visits,  or you may make your choice through an abundance of email photos and our expert evaluation of the kittens’ personalities.  You are always free to wait for a later litter if you have a specific color/pattern, etc. in mind which is not available in a current litter.  Please understand that the more specific you are in your requirements, the longer you may wait…we can’t just place an order with the mama kitties! Before your kitten comes home, we will send you a copy of our “Kitten Necessities” page to help you prepare for your new arrival.  We look forward to helping you choose the purr-fect Ragdoll kitten(s) for your home!

Our pricing includes our veterinarian’s examination, our health guarantee by contract, all immunizations for the first year with the exception of rabies, and worming if needed. In addition, all pet-quality kittens will leave our cattery already spayed or neutered– our purchase price includes the cost of the spay or neuter surgery with state-of-the-art anesthetic and surgical protocols. Beautiful and Huggable RoyalDolls Ragdoll kittens (Pet Quality~may not be “perfectly” marked for show), are priced at $2100 (including Seal and Blue point, including Mitteds, Bicolors, and Lynx Ragdolls). On rare occasions, we have older kittens which are offered at a discount.  We offer a $150 multiple-kitten discount (on each kitten after the first) if you purchase more than one kitten. Of course, all of our Ragdoll kittens are registered with The International Cat Association, and you will also receive your kitten’s blue slip (“registration paper”) which is included in your purchase price.

Delivery information:
After years of breeding our Ragdolls in Pennsylvania, we moved to  the beautiful mountains of Southeast Oklahoma in 2006.  We are within driving distance of many areas in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas. We are also willing to drive farther in order to hand-deliver your kitten to you; contact us for more information about delivery possibilities.  We will typically charge around $50 to deliver to McAlester or Webber’s Falls (OK), $25 to Fort Smith, $75 to Tulsa, $150 to Oklahoma City.  We are also usually willing to drive to the DFW area, Wichita, Kansas City, Little Rock, etc.  (Feel free to ask about all your options for hand-delivery or meeting partway…we do not ship our kittens).

We encourage you fly in and meet us at the airport to pick up your kitten if you do not live within driving distance.  Most airlines will allow you to use a compact carrier and keep your new Ragdoll kitten with you as a carry-on, for a very small additional charge.   Just check with your airline of choice to see if they will allow you this option. American Airlines, Delta, and some other airlines, will allow two kittens in the same carrier, for the same charge as one.  We are able to meet clients at the Fort Smith, Arkansas or Tulsa, Oklahoma airports.  We do ask an additional delivery fee if you want us to meet you in Tulsa. We are also willing to fly in to your airport of choice and bring your kitten(s) with us in-cabin.  The cost would be our round-trip fare from FSM, plus the in-cabin pet fee.


We’ve been breeding our Ragdolls since 2003, and from the beginning our kittens have been raised in our home, as part of our family.  We are homebodies, so most of the time someone is home to love on our Ragdolls. If you have any questions about our in-home cattery  or about acquiring one of our cute and cuddly Ragdoll kittens,  click here to contact us, or call/text Laurie at 918-917-9799.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing our love for Ragdolls with you!! 

Current or Planned Litters:  Click here to go to Our NURSERY page!