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Welcome to our home and TICA-registered in-home Ragdoll cattery, located in the beautiful Mountains of Southeast Oklahoma. We have been Ragdoll breeders since 2003, and we have always been dedicated to raising the most gorgeous, snuggable, floppy and healthy Ragdoll kittens!  RoyalDolls Cattery is a small family-run cattery, where all our cats and kittens are well-loved and constantly snuggled by our large family (Daddy, Mama, and twelve precious children/youth from 22 yo down to our newest baby boy!)  Our family also includes two sweet Shelties who love our kittens and help accustom them to canines.  

We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed the first time we saw a picture and description in a children's picture book!  When our beloved gray tiger kitty passed away a few months later, we started seriously learning about Ragdolls.....and once a cuddly-soft Ragdoll kitten had melted in our arms, purring and gazing up at us with his big blue eyes, we knew that one was definitely not enough.  It has been said, "Ragdolls are addictive; you can't stop with just one!", and for our family that was certainly true.  Now we have our laps and arms full of huggable, adorable, squeezably-soft blue-eyed Ragdolls; and we love it!  Our children all love our floppy-cats too, and with fourteen people here, there's a LOT of lovin' to go around! 

  Our studs are: 1. Champion IrishCottage King Charles, a Blue Mitted Ragdoll who has been a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  He is a big-boned boy with a buttery-soft coat which just begs to be touched, and we couldn't ask for a sweeter, more lovable purr-sonality!  He flops in our arms and amazes visitors to our home with his super-relaxed posture!  He has been a wonderful Ragdoll "poster child" in the show halls too!  We know he will pass on his snuggly Ragdoll genes, his large size and bunny-soft coat to many babies to come.  2.  Kajowa Jersey of RoyalDolls is our newest Big Boy....a large chunky Ragdoll with a funny "tiny-kitten" meow!  Jersey has fantastic conformation and a very dense coat.  To meet King Charles, Jersey, and the beautiful Queens of RoyalDolls,  go to our "Kings" and "Queens" pages.  

The goal of our breeding program at RoyalDolls Cattery is first and foremost to raise large, robustly healthy kittens with the "melt-in-your-arms" lovable Ragdoll temperament for which the Ragdoll breed is known and loved.  Ragdoll-breed kittens who are raised in a cage, sadly, may never develop that wonderful temperament.  RoyalDolls Ragdolls are born in our master suite, then carried around and snuggled from the time their eyes are beginning to open.  As soon as they can climb up into our beds, our kittens are welcome to sleep with us (and they often do!)  We want each one to be the loving "lap kitty" or "puppy-cat" of your dreams!  Of course, our Ragdolls will conform to the breed standard, with wonderful pointed colors and patterns in seal, blue, and sometimes even cream, flame, lynx, and tortie/torbie! Breathtaking crystal-blue eyes and and an exquisitely dense and soft, better-than-a bunny coat round out the ideal RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten.

If you would like  information about acquiring one of our cute and cuddly Ragdoll kittens from an upcoming litter, visit the Kitten Info page.  There you will find out about our health guarantee (including our FIVE-year HCM guarantee), our requirements, pricing, how to get on our waiting list for a RoyalDolls kitten, and much more!

To see adorable pictures of our newest babies and find out about current and expected litters and availability, go to Our Nursery! 

To find out more about the wonderful Ragdoll Breed, its mysterious and colorful origins, purrsonality and physical description....go to "The Ragdoll Breed" page.  For detailed descriptions of all the exciting Ragdoll colors and patterns, just click on "Colors and Patterns".    RoyalDolls Cattery is also pleased to have membership  in The International Cat Association (TICA),  Ragdoll International, and Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide....you will find links to these associations on the Favorite Links page. 

The new parents of our kittens are some of the most wonderful people we know!!  We enjoy sharing photos they have sent to us and excerpts from their sweet letters on our "From our Clients!" page.

For more information about our current or expected Ragdoll kittens,  click here to contact us......or you may call Laurie at 918-653-3323, or 918-917-9799.

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Ragdoll Kittens Available!

April showers bring...Ragdoll kittens!!  We are excited to announce new kittens just born in early April.  As of April 27th, there is room on our waiting list for a choice of these  new Spring babies!  They are seal and blues, colorpoints and mitteds. These kittens will be ready to go home the end of June.  **Delivery discount for July 1-2 (Friday/Saturday):  Due to a scheduled trip, we will be able to hand-deliver your kitten(s) to Plano, TX; Oklahoma City, or Webber's Falls (Tulsa area) for just $25 on July 1-2.

~~Click here for our Kitten adoption application, to join our waiting list or to reserve a Ragdoll Kitten for your very own~~

We also have retired females available.

To reserve one of our kittens for your very own, to join our waiting list, or if you have questions, call Laurie at 918-653-3323, or 918-917-9799, or email royaldolls@gmail.com!    

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